dinsdag 30 november 2010

Ice skating

Everyone has a chance to chase there dream

zaterdag 23 oktober 2010

I have I have I have !,

Apple Macbook !

buy or not  buy ...

zondag 10 oktober 2010

Don't Promise me !

-Can’t count on you most of all when I really need it 
It’s the simple things that you do, really hurt my feelings 
The more I try, the more I’m starting to see it 
This can’t work anymore, than you believe it 

Goodbye may come as a shock 
Even though I love you a lot 
I’ve given every breath I’ve got 
Sometimes you gotta break down and breathe 

And how many times I gave my heart 
To how many times we fell apart 
And it equals 
A promise in the dark 
So don’t PROMISE me 

vrijdag 24 september 2010

Wo bist du ,

Ich fühl mich kalt und leer 
Ich vermisse dich so sehr 
Deine Wärme ist nicht hier 
Mama du bist nicht mehr bei mir 

Vermisst du uns denn nicht
Mama - Wo bist du jetzt 
Mama - Warum bist du nicht hier 
Bei mir 
bitte sag mir gehts dir gut?! 
Es tut so weh hörst du mir zu?! 
Ich kann dich nicht verstehn 

Mama ich liebe dich so sehr
Mama - Wo bist du jetzt 
Mama - Sag mir warum - Wofür 

Wo immer du auch bist ich hoff es geht dir gut 
Es tut so weh bitte hör mir zu 

-Mama ich vermisse  dich so sehr 

woensdag 8 september 2010

Message '

I miss the evening's when we watched tv , 
sometimes I miss the time's you were yelling at us . 
sometime's i missing  having a mom cause I never had one , 
i don't blame you , and i love you verry much  but  I've got so much 
pain and grief   but I dont blame you at all . I just wished that things were gone diffrent 
But now  i have to understand  that nothing is gonna change 
I will never have you , and when i  write that or say that it really  hurt my feelings 
but i cant do anything  , i can just try to understand and to learn  live without you .

why don't you care , why  don't you love me .
youre my mom and you will stay that way 
I will never give  up on you and me , I cant say us cause there's no us , 
but you'll always be a part , you'll be the greatest missing part  of me 

New Room !

My Dad build  a  new  room for me cause  we had  too little space  so he  build   a room into his paintroom ,  so  look what the result is.  its beautifull and   i'm so grateful to my dad ! his the best !



vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

Dear .M

My Love , 

I Lost ,I lost you .and that hurts so much . 
how could  you  just go on with you life ? tell me cause i'm stuck , 
Stuck  here without  you . its not normale ,it isn't easy .  I would die for you . 
but you  just don't need me , you just don't want me . or this is what it looks like 
How could you be zo cold , so hard . If i never  learned to be so strong , 
I wouldn't  sit here and write this  to you . I just can't  understand why you left me  
why  you  left me behind . Don't you miss me ? Don't you wonder  How  I'm doing  in my  life , on school ..
I'm pretty sure  you've never left a tear  for me . I still hope that there will be a day  where you come to me and  give me a hug and  where you say   youre sorry and that you  want  me to be with  you . 
I wish you  would  call or send me a letter  just  to know  how i'm doing without you . 
Its hard for me to say  but i've never tought you  woul be my worst nightmare , 
i cant sleep , i cant think normaly , i cant enjoin the moments  of fun annymore . 
i'm always thinking , hoping , praying , for you .  but you  wont come back . 
you wont . i get it now  I mean nothing to you  , i'm not even  worth a single  tear for  you . 
 you may know that  it pretty hurts yeah '  it really  hurts , you've hurt me ...
I lost , I lost you .

dinsdag 10 augustus 2010

Vacation Sweden '

Last  week   I went to Sweden for a week with my famely , 
it was so nice .  everything was so beautifull and quiet 
there was a lot of nature ! I love that so much .There was such a beautifull lake  just 1km
far from our house were we stayed 
it was so nice   ,so nice that  we have swum in it . ,and next to our house  there was a dog  from ourneighbors he looked so sad , hes name was hero  I have taken  a picture with him ! he was such a nice dog !  and there was also a Cat  from the neighbors named Wilma  shes so beautifull really !
and than   when there's nature  there are a lot of unknowing  beings, like  some caterpillar and pads and butterfly's and I also  saw a deer ,
and than  we had  shopping for a day in norway in the city oslo  it was so  awsome  but to much to do it all in One day !  but  I bought some pretty stuff  I also have toke  a picture  so you can see what i bought  (: 
So anyway it was a realy nice trip  !
So here are the picture's  Take a look :
The lake

A water lily

The pets , or ...


Here the things i bought :

woensdag 28 juli 2010

My Bag

My Dior Bag ,


Going On a trip . What do I have to take with me ?

My stuff , What do I Have to take ? help.

Invitations 18th BirthDay '

My Sister and I  have made today the  invitations for my 18th Birthday
and they are lovely ! thanks to my Sister ! Thankyou,
(poor photo quality)

woensdag 21 juli 2010

I Really need a wish right now

 My Dream
 My Wish 
My Heart
My Soul
My Dream 

dinsdag 20 juli 2010

zaterdag 17 juli 2010



I love you and I will always love you . 
But why  does it all have to happend  to us ,me ? 
you've hurt me before , and you'll hurt me now 
without you I'm feeling so awful . 
such a loser . you've never told me  you love me 
you've never told me were I am good at , 
you've never told me I'm beautifull. 
I've cried over you , but I can't  hold on 
I'm sick of holding on to you . 
youre always dissepointing me 
And I'm asking why ? 
i love you 
and i will never  stop loveing you 
But i'm sorry you don't feel the same . 

With love ...

Een verfrissend drankje

Framboos siroop met water , heel verfrissend voor in de zomer !

Make a wish

woensdag 14 juli 2010

Twilight (ll)

I'm so into twilight right now . I love the movies, I love the cast . they are all so awsome !
and I love robert & Kristen they are so cute together . I love them all ! So here a Lovely picture of Kirsten and Robert . :

dinsdag 6 juli 2010

HomeMade pancakes and hot chocolate

Vandaag had ik zin om eens iets te bereiden dus had ik het idee om pannenkoeken te maken met warme chocolademelk , Oke misschien iets niet voor in de zomer te drinken maar kom het was heerlijk ! hier een paar fototjes :


Ik was me aan het vervelen en toen kwam het idee om iet op mijn vingers te tekenen , zoals 2 peetjes die knuffelen.

And the Close Up
- En dit idee had ik van mijn zus gepikt ;'d
The women with the mustach ,

maandag 5 juli 2010


. .

I Went shopping today with my sister and I bought
A verry nice wallet its a leather wallet with within a substance with flowers here's a picture from it. its not a verry good picture cause it was really dark so) :

So My sister bought me a verry cute Pink Ring with a rose on it its so cool , I loved it already so Thanks to my sister ! here's a photo of it :

zaterdag 3 juli 2010

De Brief (gedicht)

ik schreef een brief naar jou maar jij luisterde nauw ,

je gaf me het gevoel wat gaat ze nu weer zielig doen .

maar hij was oprecht ,

oprecht uit het hart

vond je hem stom

ik kon het niet zeggen dus schreef ik het op .

woensdag 23 juni 2010

Mijn Webbiee

heey , iedereen
Hebben jullie dit ook soms dat je niet weet wat te doen .
dat je je verveeld ? Wel ik ben namelijk bezig aan
een site Over Tokio Hotel .
dus als jullie eens een kijkje willen nemen .
Veel plezier en alvast bedankt