vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

Dear .M

My Love , 

I Lost ,I lost you .and that hurts so much . 
how could  you  just go on with you life ? tell me cause i'm stuck , 
Stuck  here without  you . its not normale ,it isn't easy .  I would die for you . 
but you  just don't need me , you just don't want me . or this is what it looks like 
How could you be zo cold , so hard . If i never  learned to be so strong , 
I wouldn't  sit here and write this  to you . I just can't  understand why you left me  
why  you  left me behind . Don't you miss me ? Don't you wonder  How  I'm doing  in my  life , on school ..
I'm pretty sure  you've never left a tear  for me . I still hope that there will be a day  where you come to me and  give me a hug and  where you say   youre sorry and that you  want  me to be with  you . 
I wish you  would  call or send me a letter  just  to know  how i'm doing without you . 
Its hard for me to say  but i've never tought you  woul be my worst nightmare , 
i cant sleep , i cant think normaly , i cant enjoin the moments  of fun annymore . 
i'm always thinking , hoping , praying , for you .  but you  wont come back . 
you wont . i get it now  I mean nothing to you  , i'm not even  worth a single  tear for  you . 
 you may know that  it pretty hurts yeah '  it really  hurts , you've hurt me ...
I lost , I lost you .

dinsdag 10 augustus 2010

Vacation Sweden '

Last  week   I went to Sweden for a week with my famely , 
it was so nice .  everything was so beautifull and quiet 
there was a lot of nature ! I love that so much .There was such a beautifull lake  just 1km
far from our house were we stayed 
it was so nice   ,so nice that  we have swum in it . ,and next to our house  there was a dog  from ourneighbors he looked so sad , hes name was hero  I have taken  a picture with him ! he was such a nice dog !  and there was also a Cat  from the neighbors named Wilma  shes so beautifull really !
and than   when there's nature  there are a lot of unknowing  beings, like  some caterpillar and pads and butterfly's and I also  saw a deer ,
and than  we had  shopping for a day in norway in the city oslo  it was so  awsome  but to much to do it all in One day !  but  I bought some pretty stuff  I also have toke  a picture  so you can see what i bought  (: 
So anyway it was a realy nice trip  !
So here are the picture's  Take a look :
The lake

A water lily

The pets , or ...


Here the things i bought :