maandag 25 juli 2011

Stay strong

what more can we say  if we  see the words  " Stay strong"  our world  , The  reality is hard  for everyone  the pressure  to be  perfect to be  a perfect mom, child , dad ,sister ... we all have difficulties we all have  days when we lose it all  when were down  and  don't get to see the light anymore , but we all want to  look like we have a perfect life  we all put a smile on our face .  but we don't get to see whats behind the smile we don't get to see what someone is feeling we don't get to see the pain they feel , the sadness the struggles . we've got to break trough Look whats behind the smile .helping each other  instead of hurting each other . ! Just Love each other cause "love is louder than the pressure to be perfect "
Just two words  : STAY STRONG 

written by Ulrike deliaert

2 opmerkingen:

  1. "Love and do what you want!
    If you shut up, shut up for love;
    if you speak, speak of love;
    If correct, through love correct;
    if you forgive, forgive for love.
    Deep in your heart is the root of love.
    From this root, that good can not be born "

    If people would learn from this beautiful, yet simple poetry of S. Augustine. The world would be a bit 'better, and life a little' more beautiful.
    We live in a world where superficiality is rampant. Ulrike Thanks for your words. Do not let the victory superficiality, we explore behind the smiles, words, beautiful and ugly, and the unspoken. Behind them is a whole world from above, just want it!
    And as the Beatles said 'All you need is love.Love is all you need. "
    So what are we waiting for?

  2. so sweet - youre always sweet ! speak with our hearts and we be togetter "all you need is LOVE"